Monday, September 20, 2010

God Working

Have you ever felt God working so intently in your life?
That is what is going on in my life right now. God and I are on a journey and things are changing.

One of those changes is that this blog will no longer be a blog for the women's ministry at my church. I have felt the LORD direct me to step down as women's ministry leader so this will now be a personal journal of what God is taking me through.

I look forward to posting my thoughts and steps along this new path God has me walking.

Now more than ever....I am desiring the rain!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Becoming More....

Have you ever thought about becoming more? No I didn't say have more, I said become more. You see God calls us to follow Him and when we accept His call we are not suppose to just stay the way we are. He lovingly continues to call us to become more.

He calls us to become more than just a good Bible study girl. I can so relate to that. I used to just go through the studies and even though God would give me nuggets of true to hold on to, more often then not, I would just check that study off the list as completed. I have been such a good Bible study girl.

But God calls us to be more like Him in our hearts, walk with Him, in relationships, struggles, thoughts and even in our calling. My friend (yes I feel I can call her that since she didn't call the cops when I picked her up at the airport with a hacksaw in my car), author and speaker, Lysa Terkerust has written a book and bible study named, "Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl". This study is like no other.

A group of women and I have journeyed through this study over the last few weeks and we have all commented on how God has used it in each of our lives. We have dug into some deep issues that women carry. We have opened up to each other and allowed God to give us a trust among newly found friends.
A trust that often times women shy away from because many have been so untrustworthly to us in the past.

Ladies God is calling us to become more. He's calling you and He's calling me. What an impact we will make on those around us as we seek to be more like Him in all we do!

If you can, I encourage you to pick up your copy of this study by Lysa. She is real and leads you to a place of being real with yourself and others. When you finish with the journey through the pages, please share with me what you gleaned from the study.

Can't wait to hear how God is calling you to become more.

More!!! That's what I want and need. Not more stuff just more of Him!
May I become more!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What page are you on?

This past weekend our church hosted D-Now and what a weekend it was!
One of the things that will stick with me is when Wade Morris shared about a time he was in a school and a young man came up to him telling him that the previous night at church had changed his life. He was so excited about the life change and had in his back pocket the small Bible that was given to him. He told Wade that there was some good stuff in the Bible and recommended that Wade try it out. (For those of you that don't know Wade Morris, he is a full time evangelist.) When a girl near by hears this young man she says she has a Bible too and reads it. This excited young man exclaims, "I'm on page 8, what page are you on?"

When you are looking for the answers for your life are you staying connected to the Word? Needing to know whether to get involved with a ministry? It's in there. Needing to know whether or not to follow that job or position? It's in there. Needing guidance on your marriage? parenting? friendships? It's in there.

Are you staying in the Word? So what page are you on?

I have decided to read the Bible through chronologically this year and I am on page 223.
Yes that is Leviticus and there is direction for me to be found there as well.

His girl!