Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Button button, Who helped the button?

There are somethings in life that you never expect to do.
Yesterday one of these things happened to me and my son Caleb.

As we were driving home from school, Caleb said "Mom, there was a deer stuck in that fence." A little shocked, I questioned him and his response prompted me to turn the car around to investigate more. As we approached the house, there in the wrought iron fence we saw a young deer stuck between the rails. Caleb went to the door to get the home owners but they were not home. We couldn't just leave the poor thing there. We had no idea when the homeowners would be home and we knew the life of the deer would not last long.

I called a neighbor that is a member of our Life Group and he came to help us free the deer. Thank goodness we watch a lot of Animal Planet because we knew it would calm the deer if we threw something over its head. I grabbed a towel out of the car and with a few gentle pushes the deer was freed and running for the hills.

After all the excitement we went home and Caleb was diligently doing his homework when out of the blue he said, "Mom are you proud." I knew he was working on thesis statements and wasn't sure where this was headed so I replied, "In what way are you meaning. Are you meaning am I proud you are working on your homework? Or are you implying that I am prideful?" He giggled and said, "No mom, are you proud that we helped that deer today?" My reply was "Yes and I am so thankful that you wanted to make sure it was ok." Such a sweet tenderhearted young man I have. (Of course I would have to mention that this is the same young man that earlier that morning he did see a full grown buck in the back yard and wanted to grab a crossbow.) But deep down he loves animals and hates to see one suffer.

I thought more about that event and realized that we are so many times like that little button buck. Stuck in a rail, rut or habit needing help to get out. As that little buck struggled and the very life was being zapped from it, it is the same with our lives. We can be threatened by the very thing that has us ensnared. Thankfully our God knows and is able to free us. Just as that deer had to trust that we were helping free him, we, too, simply have to trust in God's hand. Whether by His own hand or the use of others, He is so worthy of praise for His love knows no bounds!

Psalm 40:1-3 "I waited patiently for the LORD; and He inclined to me, and heard my cry. He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps. He has put a new song in my mouth--Praise to our God; Many will see it and fear, and will trust in the LORD."

Keep an eye out for those that are stuck and need a hand.
Have a great day in the LORD!


Friday, October 24, 2008


Amy Ivey shared this with me Wednesday night...
from the book "Woman of Influence" by Pam Farrel.

Jill briscoe spoke with a woman from the killing fields of cambodia. The woman had lost many of her family members as victims of genocide. "you in the West, when trouble comes, say, get this off my back, God. We in the East say, strengthen my back to bear it , God."

Ouch! This is a perspective that I am guilty of not always having. I really had my toes stepped on. So many times I just want it gone, not something to be strenghtened by, but rather deliver from.

May we seek the strenghtening to bear the burdens we face.

Isaiah 40:29 says, "He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goodbye for Now

Yesterday afternoon, my husbands 97 year old grandmother was ushered into the arms of her LORD.

The matriarch of the family lived life to the fullest. She had the priviledge to walk on the soil where Jesus walked, she lived a geniune faith much like the one that dwelled in Lois the grandmother of Timothy and she cherished her family.

We enjoyed so many times sitting and listening to her stories of her childhood or how she fell in love with a strapping young man who happen to have the most beautiful saddle in the county. Those times will be missed but remembered fondly.

The chorus of the song "Goodbye for Now" by Kathy Troccoli
voices our comfort that one day we will laugh, smile and praise our Lord together.

...but There Will Be A Time
when I'll See Your Face
and I'll Hear Your Voice
and There We Will Laugh Again
and There Will Come A Day
when I'll Hold You Close
no More Tears To Cry
'cause We'll Have Forever
but I'll Say Goodbye For Now

so We'll Wait...For Now

We love you Nannie Maudie!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Well You Ain't Got A Thing, If You Ain't Got That Bling!

If you know me, you know that I am not a glitz and glitter kinda gal.
Hubby and I are both more of an antique lovers type so when our boys came along we assumed that they would be the same. Yeah the joke is on us.

Ever since our boys were little the glitz and sparkles have always caught their attention. If we were walking through a home improvement store a side trip to the Chandliers was always in order. I promise if we were to have built a log cabin tucked way back in the woods, we would have had a fight on our hands to give in and hang a light fixture with the biggest and largest count of crystals you could find.

I even remember on a vacation to Washington DC, I gave each boy a disposable camera so they could each take pictures from their views. It was such a riot to see all the pictures taken by 7 and 4 year olds. We laughed as we viewed headless statues, the feet of Abraham Lincoln but most of all, the many different Crystal chandliers throughout the Great Halls of our Nation's Capitol and surrounding buildings.

Fast forward to today...With Boy 1 rapidly approaching his final year in High School it has come time to create and order his Senior ring. Oh the choices. We had a hard time figuring out the order form and sent up a quick rejoicing praise when we realized that we could design the precious bauble on line. Of course true to nature, there was a slight amount of dazzle incorporated into the final creation.
Definately will have some bling going on.

Once the real ring was designed and the order form filled out the playing began.
Even Boy #2 got into the action. After a while the announcement came that the "dream ring" was designed. I about flipped when even from the computer screen, I was blinded by the glare of all the glitz that was added. Not to mention the price. It was such a site to watch my boys express their likes which is so totally opposite of their parents.

As I smiled about their fancy for the shine, I can't help to think about the total amazment that will be on their faces when they walk through the gates of Heaven.
Revelation 21 describes for us in the words of John what the New Jerusalem will be like, all the precious stones, the Crystal sea and the streets of Gold. As we all stand in awe of God and the home He has created for us, no Crystal chandelier on this earth reflecting the beautiful sunlight can even compare.

This mom would get the biggest kick if God would grant me the honor of seeing the expression on my boys faces when they arrive in heaven. No doubt it will be like they were 4 and 7 again. No, not in a hurry to go but know it will be such a joy when that day arrives.



Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today I got to have so much fun. It was my turn to feed the linebackers of the Varsity football team. I took my turn last year and had so much fun cooking up a feast for these guys. This year was no different. Some even came into the house asking if I made the same thing that I made last year. When I answered yes, I received a "Aw right!" That of course just made my night and I was ready to refill their drinks and serve up some big ol' chocolate cake. Yep, these gentlemen are welcome to my house anytime. They are truly gentlemen and each parent should be proud of the men they are raising.

After my job was done I cleaned the kitchen and then did what was expected of me...disappear. Oh I didn't go far because I loved hearing the chatter and laughter but they didn't see me. I was quick to listen for comments like needing more ice or where something was but for the most part I was not seen to my guest. That was just how I wanted it.

Isn't that how it is in a lot of our lives. Jesus calls us to serve but sometimes to step out of the view. I was sent this video recently and wanted to share it with you. We must always remember that if we seem invisible to some we are never invisible to God. He is using everything unseen to glorify Himself and His Kingdom.

What are you building when no one sees?

Keep working towards building your cathedral, Because God sees.