Monday, March 23, 2009

Warms this Momma's heart

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Not only was the sun warm but my heart was warmed also.

We ran home after church and I fixed a man-sized meal for my 3 men. Once they were filled to the rim they loaded up the truck and boat and headed out to the fishin' hole. Oh I would have loved to join them but this little boat was a three seater and so Mom was odd man out. I encouraged them to take their time and enjoy the afternoon together. I even told them I would mow the yard so they wouldn't have to hurry back.
Am I hearing "Mom of the Year" nominations??? Hee Hee all kidding aside, I love mowing the yard. We have such a fun mower.

Anyway...Evening church time rolled around and the guys were no where in sight. So I got ready and when to church by myself. After church, I stopped by the local grocery store and picked up what every boy in our house thinks is a must have on Sunday evening...Ice Cream. (Back to the "Mom of the Year" thought)

As I drove into the driveway, I see all three guys playing a game of basketball and laughing their heads off. That warmed me from head to the toes. In a time when teenagers more often than not chose to be with friends instead of parents this simply put a great big smile on my face. I sat outside and listened to the ribbing, the laughter and the memories being made. Contentment at it's best!

Oh about the fish. Only two were caught and neither were keepers. But friendships were made with other fisherman at the lake, buzzards were pelted with dirt clods (well at least thrown at), old reels flew apart on cast and two boys and their dad had a blast!

Have you made memories with your clan recently? Are you finding contentment with your surroundings?


Friday, March 20, 2009

Could it be? Is it She?

I am having so much fun with God lately.
He continues to call my name and point my eyes to see Him and His glory.
Between the study on Esther, last weekends ladies event and all the testimonies, I have been overwhelmed by all that God has allowed me to witness.

Now I awake and read Lysa TerKeurst blog .

Oh my heart started racing and thoughts started swarming. You see, I have heard about the She Speaks conference
a time or two but haven't really entertained the thought of me attending.
I mean come on,God has been stretching me and pushing me out of my comfort zone so often over the last 10 years. How could He ever have anything like this planned for me? I would have never imagine being placed where I am now but taking another step? How could that be?

Have you ever seen a fire begin? Being a mother of two boys and a wife of a man that loves to build fires, I have seen the beginning of a few. The wood is strategically placed and the tender is added all to be ready for that first spark.
A flint or match is struck and the red glows start warming until there is a full flame. This is how I see my desire for the She Speaks conference. God has been adding the tenders and the wood to my desire (a desire that I didn't even know existed until recently) and started hitting the flint together to create a spark. That spark has begun to consume what God has strategically placed together.

Why would I want to go to the She Speaks conference? It is designed to give you insights on developing your call. Whether that be speaking, writing, blogging, leading women or even reaching the next generation. There are different tracks that let you follow God's direct call on your life to reach women in your sphere of influence. That is exactly where I am...needing God's voice of direction.

Imagine this...You get a phone call from Regis...Says do you want to be a millionaire?

ERRRKKKK...wait a minute, put on the breaks. Sorry got carried away, that's a song.

Really imagine this. I am studying the providence of God, a desire is being fanned into a flame and then there is an opportunity to win a scholarship. For this country girl it is overwhelming. Whether I win a scholarship or not, I am praying that God will provide if it is His will I attend.

So Could it be? Is it She? She Speaks that is.

We'll see and leave the rest up to the Providence of God.


Monday, March 16, 2009

How can I keep from singing your praise?

How can I keep from singing Your praise
How can I ever say enough
How amazing is Your love
How can I keep from shouting Your name
I know I am loved by the King
and it makes my heart want to sing!

Wow, this weekend was incredible!!!

My prayer over the last months has been for God to
do something so amazing that no amount of planning could take credit
for it. Boy oh Boy did that ever happen!

God drew over 300 women into our worship center on Friday night. My small mind hoped for 150-200.
The praise team ushered us into the presence of our King. I can still hear
the beautiful sound of women singing out to our Father. Chills are running up my arm
as I replay it in my mind. After our praising The Only One worthy to be praised, Lysa shared from her heart and life. I am so thankful that Lysa said "Yes" to God in order to lead other women to say yes to Him.

Through all of this here is what makes my heart sing!
Over 30 ladies now call Him Adonai. That my friends is something that no amount of human planning can take credit for. (Please let me wipe away a few tears)

So how can I keep from singing His praise?
I can't!

Heart singing of Him!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free to be me

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just a few more days....

Wow can you believe it? Our ladies event is this weekend.
I am so excited about what God is doing with this thing.

I can trace His hand all throughout the planning of this conference.
He has provided some amazing things. Just wait to you hear about the
door prizes He has provided. We have books, many things to pamper yourself with including massages and even a get-away trip. Can you believe all that but most importantly a time to join other women to praise our Lord and learn more about Him.

Don't have a ticket? Don't worry you can get them at the door!

Please pray that women will respond to God's call to attend this event.
Pray that God will be honored and glorified throughout this weekend.
and most of all...Pray that your heart will be prepared to hear from God.

See you Friday night at 6:30.