Monday, February 23, 2009

What I took away. Part 1

This past weekend was Disciple Now at our church.
I got so tickled at the excitement of my boys. One is a veteran of DNows and the other was a first timer. Excitement level was high with both.

As soon as younger son got into the car on Friday after school, he informed me of the current time and the number of hours til "D" time. Could it go any slower?

With both boys away from the weekend, we took in the 6 member band. What fun!
They ranged from the age of 18 to mid 30's. Did you know that a group of guys that age still giggle like a bunch of junior high girls? I got tickled just hearing them from other parts of the house. It was so fun to see a bunch of guys that come together to lead in worship, enjoy the company of each other as well. God really used their obedience to lead others to the foot of His throne.

One of the songs that they led was so touching to me. Here's the words (I can't remember the original writers but I'll try to figure it out.)

Where the Love Lasts Forever.

Your mercy found me upon the broken road
and lifted me beyond my failing
Into Your glory, my sin and shame dissolved
and now forever Yours I'll stand
In love never to call You more that Lord...Glorious friend!!!

So I throw my life upon all that You are
'cause I know You gave it all for me
and when all else fades my soul will dance...with You...Where the love last forever.

And forever I will sing...Lord forever I will sing
How you gave Your life away...Just to save me
Lord You saved me.

With You, where the love lasts forever.

That song really resounded in my soul.
The course simply made me ask myself, Am I throwing my life on all that He is?

How about you?

Place the vision of you placing all that you are on the One that gave it all into you mind. Take time to crawl up in His lap today, He's more than ready and able.


I'll share my take away from the speaker later. Can I just simply say "WOW" at this time. God spoke.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yes or No...Is it really that hard?

Is it a woman thing? Is it just something that I struggle with at times?
Or could it be plain ole' subconsciousness rebellion?

In my husband's line of work some times the only answer he needs is a simple yes or no. No added explanations, no lengthy discussions and definitely no rabbit chases to eventually say yes or no. I guess you can say he's like Joe Friday on Dragnet..."The facts ma'am, just the facts." Well with typing that makes me think, "Maybe it's a man thing." You know they had to come up with that catch phrase for him somehow.

Anyway, this morning was one of those yes or no moments. As hubby was getting ready to walk out the door for work, he turned to head back upstairs to get some change.
At the same time I was at the kitchen island picking up some coins to take to the coin bowl. Here's the quick conversation that ensued.

Hubs: Oh is that some coins?

Me: Yes

Hubs: Is there at least 3 there?

Me: Oh there is 5, no make that 6, oh one more 7.

Hubs: Still having trouble with the yes or no thing, huh?

Me: (giggling) I would hate to have the guilt of causing you a heart attack if I simply answered yes or no. I just wouldn't be able to bear that.

With that I got a shaking of the head but he left with a smile on his face. What better way to go to work than with a smile? Mission accomplished.

One piece of advice I will always remember is this:
Give it the death bed test. In other words, if you were on your death bed would this matter?

I could have gone all defensive with the reply of "still having trouble with the yes or no thing" but instead knew that it was better to send my hubs off with a little bit of laughter than tension.

Have you made the loved ones in your life smile today? Even if it is making a seemingly frustrating topic into a light one at your expense?

What's your mission?


Monday, February 2, 2009

My Guy

Last week I read a post on the blog of Lysa TerKeurst about prayers.
In it she shared about her time spent with God in prayer and how that effected her life when a certain situation rose in her marriage.

As I read the post, I began thinking that I had not responded to my man like that in a long time and prayed that God would give me the opportunity soon.

Well God didn't play around, just this weekend God gave me that open door which I didn't even realize until it was over.

If you don't know my man. You ought to. He is a wonderful man of God. He has a great big giving heart. Although we have had our struggles over the last 22 years, God has blessed me with a man that is the same in public as he is at home.

This weekend my man struggled with a big decision. Actually the struggle was over the last month and the bell was ringing for a final decision. He was in for the count and time was slipping away. Would he make the right choice? Would we be living in the coulda, shoulda, woulda stage for a long time to come?

Finally the decision was made. My man in his 40's became the owner of a new truck.
Here's the interesting part. This was his first NEW vehicle EVER! Anytime we got a new car it was for me to have a safe ride for our boys. Even his very first car was a used one.

The struggle that my man had was, with the economy and so many people in crisis, should he forgo this opportunity and use that to help others. My man, always thinking of others instead of himself. I just love him for that.

But God gave me the opportunity to bless my hubby. To look straight in his eyes and share with him, how I love that he has a heart that gives. That this will not stop him from giving or helping others. He will always find a way and I love and respect him for that. He is a great example for our boys and to me.

As Lysa TerKeurst's post inspired me to bless my man, I pray that today you will find a way to bless the man in your life. Seek God to show you the opportunity. Be faithful to take it and strengthen your marriage.

In His Grip.