Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today I got to have so much fun. It was my turn to feed the linebackers of the Varsity football team. I took my turn last year and had so much fun cooking up a feast for these guys. This year was no different. Some even came into the house asking if I made the same thing that I made last year. When I answered yes, I received a "Aw right!" That of course just made my night and I was ready to refill their drinks and serve up some big ol' chocolate cake. Yep, these gentlemen are welcome to my house anytime. They are truly gentlemen and each parent should be proud of the men they are raising.

After my job was done I cleaned the kitchen and then did what was expected of me...disappear. Oh I didn't go far because I loved hearing the chatter and laughter but they didn't see me. I was quick to listen for comments like needing more ice or where something was but for the most part I was not seen to my guest. That was just how I wanted it.

Isn't that how it is in a lot of our lives. Jesus calls us to serve but sometimes to step out of the view. I was sent this video recently and wanted to share it with you. We must always remember that if we seem invisible to some we are never invisible to God. He is using everything unseen to glorify Himself and His Kingdom.

What are you building when no one sees?

Keep working towards building your cathedral, Because God sees.



Woman of Clay said...

Hey girl. I've been missing our talks (whether online or in person). Sorry I've been hit or miss on Wed nights lately. Sometimes grandma duties, sometimes just "I've got to do something around this house before it overtakes me...." I enjoyed this post. I would love that atmosphere too - a house full of football-playing young man who tell you they've never tasted anything better than what you just fixed... Good stuff. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

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