Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just a few more days....

Wow can you believe it? Our ladies event is this weekend.
I am so excited about what God is doing with this thing.

I can trace His hand all throughout the planning of this conference.
He has provided some amazing things. Just wait to you hear about the
door prizes He has provided. We have books, many things to pamper yourself with including massages and even a get-away trip. Can you believe all that but most importantly a time to join other women to praise our Lord and learn more about Him.

Don't have a ticket? Don't worry you can get them at the door!

Please pray that women will respond to God's call to attend this event.
Pray that God will be honored and glorified throughout this weekend.
and most of all...Pray that your heart will be prepared to hear from God.

See you Friday night at 6:30.


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