Friday, April 3, 2009

Who you are.

We get so tickled about a little dog that lives just down the road from us.

You see there is a family that purchased a few longhorn cows and they are pastured not far from our house. This spring two of the cows birthed the cutest calves. One is a black and white spitting image of it's mother, even down to the white streak that runs the ridge of the back. The other is a brown and white young'un that seems to be an adventurer. I know you are thinking, "Wait a started out with a dog and now you are talking about cows."

Well this little basset hound that is brown and white seems to live in the pasture with the cows.
So many times we will drive by and think that another calf has been born only to notice a slight rise of the head to see the long floppy ears. If at first we don't see the dog we start asking, "Where's the wanna be cow?"

When the cows are laying in the field, this little dog will position itself close to where they are.
It truly is a funny sight.

Isn't that how we are sometimes? We forget who we are and what we were created to be?
So many times we see things around us and we try to mimic that in our own lives, thinking if we can just get close enough then we will be more like them or blend into that surrounding.

I am so guilty of this myself. I forget so many times who I am. Who I belong to. God makes us all unique yet in His image. Wow that is incomprehensible to me but yet so welcomed.
God has a purpose for each of us that follows the plan of how He made us.
We just have to embrace it and allow Him to determine who we are, because He has determined WHOSE we are!


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