Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Because we sing...

Because we sing...ok it would be better to say "Because we blog".

Why are we starting a blog? That's a great question. This blog is primarily to link the women
of Greenwood's First Baptist church together online. The name of the site is "Desiring the Rain".
No not the physical rain (it would seem we've had a full abundance of that) but rather this was chosen based on Hosea 10:12. The more we seek the LORD, share our lives and encourage each other, the further we will live our part in advancing the Kingdom of our LORD and enjoy the rain of righteousness only He can shower on us.

On this blog you will find devotions, encouragement, upcoming announcements, reflections on events and of course lots of fun. Who knows you might even find a recipe every now and then.

You are invited to join our online community where it is our prayer that we will not only be a blog but an added reason to sing! Even if you are not a member of Greenwood FBC you are welcome to join us on our daily walk with Jesus and each other.

Look forward to meeting you here again soon,

Desiring the Rain

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Sharon said...

Love it! Great blog! Way to go!