Friday, June 6, 2008

Gonna be His hands, Gonna be His feet

Tomorrow morning a group from our church will leave the comforts of home to join another group from church in Nicaragua. I want to encourage you to pray for them as they make a journey to another country and share the love of Jesus. Please pray for their travel safety, their health, and their families they leave at home. Mission work is so exciting and I pray that each person on the team experiences God in a fresh new way and have the opportunity to plant seeds of hope to everyone they meet.

Here's a list of those that are either currently there or heading out tomorrow.
Erin, Rachel, Rae, Elizabeth, Mary, Amber, John, Daniel,
Jane, Joshua, Greg, Christa, Aubren, Amanda, Cody, Rachel,
Vicky, Brooke, Trena, Raye, Bobby John, Todd

Thank you team for answering the call to be an Acts 1:8 team. May you be clothed with Jesus and know those at home are lifting you up in prayer.

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