Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Other Gods Week 1

Oh Ladies, there is nothing like jumping right into the meat of the study with week one.

I heard joking regarding what this study would convict us of or how we would have to change from our chosen lifestyle. Little did I know that words would jump off the page and apply to my life so quickly. I think the author of the study, Kelly Minter, was so wise in defining our terms so quickly in day one. Please reread the definition on page 13 by Ken Sande.

What new thoughts did this definition bring to your understanding of a false god or idol?

I personally never thought of an idol being anything other than a material object, well maybe I did but just didn't want to admit it. It really hit hard when the definition stated "something other than God that we set our heart on." I never thought of it even being a relationship or the lack of one. That is an area in my life that can master or motivate me. I never entertained the notion that that could be an idol in my life.

What did you find regarding a functional God in your life?

How did you compare the difference between a professed god versus a functional god?

Ladies I can't wait to dig deeper with you as we learn together. Please make a big effort to participate in this way of studying together. That's the only way this will work.

Love you all!



Barb Cavallo said...

Wow! I am so glad I joined this study - it is just what I need! And the author - is it Kelli? is just so human. Looking forward to eradicating the gods in my life and placing God back at His rightful place as Lord of my life during these next 8 weeks. Praying for my fellow travelers! Thanks, Cynthia! Barb

Anonymous said...

Wow! This first week really convicted me! I'm ashamed to admit that I realized that my most recent "functional god" is my fear/anxiety/worry over the current economy, especially gas prices and all that it is affecting. In the beginning I worried about groups such as single mothers and elderly, but more and more I've begun to worry about my own family. I worry that my husband will lose his job, that we won't be able to pay our bills, that we'll lose our home, etc. etc. I've let these fears control me! This has become my functional god! Instead of praying and trusting that God will provide, I've worried myself sick! Studying this first week also makes me see how materialistic this fear is. How selfish of me! I even briefly considered not paying tithes because it might make us come up short. The Holy Spirit is really working on me, and now that I have recognized these destructive thoughts, I'm on the right path to putting God back in the driver's seat instead of making Him the copilot. Praise the Lord for this study and for you, Cynthia, for your leadership. Please keep me in your prayers as God continues His work.

Anonymous said...

Idols...in my life? After today's lesson I'll have to be more observant of what takes up my time and where my focus is. I'm sure the idols are there but I just haven't stopped to notice. I think I will keep a mental journal of what occupys my mind and time this week.

Anonymous said...

I am already amazed at how the simplest of words can jump out at you and have so much meaning....I mean, functional God? I can't believe all of the different places it can take me!! How many different spots in my life do I choose to use God as just functional. I can already see that this book is going to show me all of things that we all already know, but definitely need to be reminded of.

Brianne said...

I think one of the functional idols in my life is..."idol" (idle) time. I feel like I work so hard and am so challenged all day at work - that when I come home I "deserve" some time to myself to veg in front of the TV or on the internet. This is usually why I "don't have time" (don't make time) to do my bible study and spend time with the Lord. But I never thought of a false idol as being a hope or an idea either... gives me something to think about!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how drawn I am to this bible study. My quiet times have been almost non-existent, but I just don't want to put this study down. So many things have been pointed out to me. Things I knew were "idols", but didn't realize how much they are affecting my life. As interested as I am in this study, I pray that I get everything out of it that He wants me too.

D said...

I don't know about you guys but I have identified several idols in my life. Work, control and organization of my home and life, unforgiveness (ugh!), and also the fear of the economy. I could go on and on. I guess that I had not looked to these things as IDOLS! Well...maybe I had and just denied it. This study has just "hit me in the head" in identifying them. I don't like to think that these things are keeping me from a closer relationship with God.

I have read over and over the definition of an idol, on pg. 13"...something that motivates us, masters and rules us, or that we trust, fear, or serve...".

I would consider some of my personal idols to be my conforming to the world. We are called as Christians to live in the world without being of the world. I have been reminded of that every day of this study!

I will be praying for all of you!