Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NOGS Week 3

Here we are in Week 3. I gets so amused that there is one day each week that really speaks to me. The amusing part is that it is always the same day each week.

So many are letting me know that the study is really meaning a lot to them. I am so glad because it is really touching me and getting my attention in so many areas.

Here's this weeks discussion questions.

1. On p.62, Kelly quoted Michael Wells: “Satan will tell us what’s true, but he never tells us the truth.” Let’s have some examples of that. How has Satan ever told you something that was true but wasn’t the truth?

2. Kelly’s discussion about King Hezekiah and the attack on his faith on p.66
A quote from the devotional classic, Streams in the Desert. “Genuine faith puts its letter in the mailbox and lets go. Distrust, however, holds on to a corner of the envelope and then wonders why the answer never arrives.” (p.168) What envelope have you been most prone to hold the edge of?

Stay strong with the study and keep His Word in the fore front of your mind.

You are doing great!!!



Cynthia said...

Last night in class at church Mary Edwards shared this acrostic for the word fear. I thought since fear has been on the topic of our discussion I would share it with you.


Fits right in, don't you think?

Have a great day with our LORD!!

Lisa said...

Hi Cynthia!
I came by to check out your blog after you commented on mine. Imagine my surprise to find out you went to FBC Greenwood, where Ronnie Deal is the pastor!! He and Rae are old and dear friends of ours. That is so cool! Please tell them we have connected and that my husband and I said hi!

Loved your story on the blog, by the way. It is a top contender right now for the prize! :)

Lisa :)

Brianne said...

The discussion of the difference between what is true and the truth really struck me. Satan doesn't necessarily lie to us, he uses things that are true to mislead us. We fall for it when we are not spending enough time in God's word to know the truth. My favorite line from Day 2 was in the discussion of training people to recognize counterfeit money by having them study real money - "teaching them what a million possible counterfeits look like makes no sense when all they need to know is the real thing". I waste so much time trying to recognize things that aren't of God, when all I really need to know and reflect on is what IS of God.

To answer both of Cynthia's questions - my thing that is true (but not truth) and the envelope that I hold the edge of - I think has to do with my (feeling of) independence. I feel like I can take care of myself - that I don't need (or want) any help from anyone. It is true (in most cases), but it is not the truth. The truth is God made us social creatures that rely on others for survival. I guess I hold onto that envelope, because I hate to ask for help - from others and from God. How much better would life be if my stubborn little hand would just let go and let God!

Cynthia said...

Amen Brianne!
I agree that we need to concentrate on the real mccoy instead of trying to recognize the counterfeit.

Oh and believe me, I have a stubborn little hand also sometimes.

brianne said...

Just finished day 5 - and I really identified with Carrie's story about the little lies affecting her attitude and how she treats and/or feels about people. That one hit close to home!

Anonymous said...

This study has really made me think about somethings. I mean at first it pointed out even good things can be bad taking my time away from God. When I rethink what I just wrote is it MY time or was it always His? Idols?? No I don't have idols...until she pointed out what they were! I guess we all have some sort of idol. I have no chubby little budda man or even a golden calf...but there are others.

Last week....the lies! I hate lies but I am sucked in. I mean I struggle everyday of not being worthy and not feeling like I can approach God but satan knows how to get to me. He tells me I am not worthy to approach God..of course I am not worthy!! BUT God wants me just the same.

I keep looking for Kelly Minter in my house...some days I feel like she is watching and writing about me because what she writes soooo fits me.

Seeking Him

woman of clay said...

One thing Satan gets me with every single morning is my desire for sleep versus getting up and spending time with God. While it is TRUE that I need sleep (and believe me, I've usually had plenty - anyone who knows me knows I'm a go-to-bed-early kind of girl!), the truth is that I need time with God SO MUCH MORE than I need an extra 15 minutes of snooze time. This is a daily struggle for me.