Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NOGS Week 5

Wow are you just loving this study? I am for sure!

This week we looked at "Saying Goodbye". Boy I needed that! I have never liked saying good bye. Too much hurt and sadness so I could really relate to Kelly's story regarding her trips home.

We didn't have to wait long to dig into some meat. Day 1 showed us that false memories can be a stumbling block for making room. Can anyone else relate here? I mean sometimes I can go fast through the coulda, shoulda, woulda's. Sometimes I think my memory is shot when I start longing for something that is from my past that wasn't good for me. I am so thankful when God reminds me. Ok, whether it be gently or not, I am still thankful in due time.

So here's our discussion question for the week:

Take a look at the top of p.108 under “Personal Reflection.” I loved this line of discussion starting with this question: “Have you ever tasted or brought back fruit from a future promise that had not been fully realized?”

Also what is your thoughts from the "Your Take" section?

Oh my friends I am so glad you are going through this study with me. I know that some have gotten a little behind due to summer vacations and stuff but I applaud everyone of you for staying with it.

I think we need to have a time to meet together in person. Are you ready to enjoy a few of the recipes and discuss some of the study in person? I'll get the plans in motion!

Love you all! It's a joy to study God's Word with you!



Bri said...

God's timing amazes me sometimes. This part of the study came at the perfect time for me. On Wednesday I had to say goodbye to a great friend and mentor at work. It was a good goodbye for her - she was leaving for a great opportunity. I can't say it was a good goodbye for me - she was the one positive force in my workplace. So how can I turn this into a great opportunity for me? Maybe I can become the positive force that my workplace needs? I can't do it on my own - that's for sure! But I can pray and ask God to do it through me. I loved the line on pg 101 "we cling because the painful familiar is often more comfortable than the foreign amazing". The unknown if so scary to me sometimes. I would much prefer sticking with something that is comfortable and familiar. I can definately relate to what Cynthia said about the shoulda, woulda, coulda's. There are things in my past that I have been looking back on with rose-colored glasses, and this was a good reminder that these things are in my past for a reason!

The only thing I can think of on the 'fruit from a future promise' question is that I get a glimpse of the God's grace every time I mess up (which is daily). I know that's a small taste compared to the day I stand before him on judgement day, and in spite of all the horrible things I've done - he lets me into heaven anyway.

d said...

I am loving this study too! I also like this study being online. Even thought I am behind, I can do it at anytime of the day.

I agree that goodbye's ARE hard. Like what is mentioned in the study, it is more comfortable with the KNOWN than it is with the UNKNOWN. We must really have FAITH in those areas. I am reminded of earlier in the study of "putting the envelope in the mailbox and not letting go". I find that at times, that is where my faith is. Also, the promises from God aren't necessarily without stuggles. Saying goodbye to these idols may/will cause some struggles and requires us to put our faith 'out there'.

I love on pg. 106, at the bottom of the page, when Kelly says that God wanted bread for their bodies and meat for their soul. I want that 'meat' for my soul!! How about you guys?

In experiencing the fruit...Our family had a call from God. We tasted the fruit early with the call. I questioned it. It was not what I wanted to do. We have been experiencing the FRUIT from that call for a few years. It has not always been easy, but God has blessed and continues to bless our entire family from this call.

I have a couple of different ideas as to why God told the Israelites to explore the land first. One, may be because they had complained so much about wanting meat. I wonder if God was like, 'go check it out and see if this is OK'. Are you going to complain about this too? Two, I think that it had to do with testing their faith. Believing that God would provide for their needs.

Anonymous said...

The part about God giving the Israelites what they asked for, not because it was for their best, but because of their constant begging, hit me. There is one (rather large) thing I asked God for for years until He gave it to me. It had to do with the geographic location of our family. I wonder if my pleading caused God to allow it in His permissive will, even though it was not really in His perfect will?

As far as getting together with the other members of the Bible study, I'm all for it. I found myself desiring that after reading the cool stuff that Kelly and the other girls regularly share in their time together.