Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Even to cold for the Polar Bears

This morning I pulled myself out of bed to check the weather and to see if school would still be in session.

As I read through the closings, I got the biggest chuckle.
There on the screen in front of me read, "Polar bear plunge canceled due to the weather being to cold." Now that just tickled my funny bone. I mean isn't that part of the reason for it to be called the polar bear plunge.

Just the thought makes me cold. I would never take part in a polar bear plunge because although I like winter I can't stand being cold down to the bone. I've always just shook my head and shivered when someone talked of jumping into cold water. There is only one time it makes sense to me to jump into cold water and that is on a hot 100 degree day.

If you have taken the plunge, my hat is off to you.

Enjoy your day and remember that no matter how cold it is outside a nice chat with Jesus does wonders to warm the heart.



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Woman of Clay said...

Hey, my friend. I know that I've been in "absentee" mode lately and I deeply apologize. It's scary how quickly our actions (or lack of) become habits before we even realize it happened. I would love to catch up. I still enjoy reading the blog very much. I also plan to rejoin the book club on the January discussion. Love you, girl.