Monday, February 23, 2009

What I took away. Part 1

This past weekend was Disciple Now at our church.
I got so tickled at the excitement of my boys. One is a veteran of DNows and the other was a first timer. Excitement level was high with both.

As soon as younger son got into the car on Friday after school, he informed me of the current time and the number of hours til "D" time. Could it go any slower?

With both boys away from the weekend, we took in the 6 member band. What fun!
They ranged from the age of 18 to mid 30's. Did you know that a group of guys that age still giggle like a bunch of junior high girls? I got tickled just hearing them from other parts of the house. It was so fun to see a bunch of guys that come together to lead in worship, enjoy the company of each other as well. God really used their obedience to lead others to the foot of His throne.

One of the songs that they led was so touching to me. Here's the words (I can't remember the original writers but I'll try to figure it out.)

Where the Love Lasts Forever.

Your mercy found me upon the broken road
and lifted me beyond my failing
Into Your glory, my sin and shame dissolved
and now forever Yours I'll stand
In love never to call You more that Lord...Glorious friend!!!

So I throw my life upon all that You are
'cause I know You gave it all for me
and when all else fades my soul will dance...with You...Where the love last forever.

And forever I will sing...Lord forever I will sing
How you gave Your life away...Just to save me
Lord You saved me.

With You, where the love lasts forever.

That song really resounded in my soul.
The course simply made me ask myself, Am I throwing my life on all that He is?

How about you?

Place the vision of you placing all that you are on the One that gave it all into you mind. Take time to crawl up in His lap today, He's more than ready and able.


I'll share my take away from the speaker later. Can I just simply say "WOW" at this time. God spoke.

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