Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yes or No...Is it really that hard?

Is it a woman thing? Is it just something that I struggle with at times?
Or could it be plain ole' subconsciousness rebellion?

In my husband's line of work some times the only answer he needs is a simple yes or no. No added explanations, no lengthy discussions and definitely no rabbit chases to eventually say yes or no. I guess you can say he's like Joe Friday on Dragnet..."The facts ma'am, just the facts." Well with typing that makes me think, "Maybe it's a man thing." You know they had to come up with that catch phrase for him somehow.

Anyway, this morning was one of those yes or no moments. As hubby was getting ready to walk out the door for work, he turned to head back upstairs to get some change.
At the same time I was at the kitchen island picking up some coins to take to the coin bowl. Here's the quick conversation that ensued.

Hubs: Oh is that some coins?

Me: Yes

Hubs: Is there at least 3 there?

Me: Oh there is 5, no make that 6, oh one more 7.

Hubs: Still having trouble with the yes or no thing, huh?

Me: (giggling) I would hate to have the guilt of causing you a heart attack if I simply answered yes or no. I just wouldn't be able to bear that.

With that I got a shaking of the head but he left with a smile on his face. What better way to go to work than with a smile? Mission accomplished.

One piece of advice I will always remember is this:
Give it the death bed test. In other words, if you were on your death bed would this matter?

I could have gone all defensive with the reply of "still having trouble with the yes or no thing" but instead knew that it was better to send my hubs off with a little bit of laughter than tension.

Have you made the loved ones in your life smile today? Even if it is making a seemingly frustrating topic into a light one at your expense?

What's your mission?


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Amy said...

Oh what a great post! I love it! It really made me think about how I react and what you said is so true. And, you are right, we are in the same area...I think just down the road form each other! Are you involved in the book club at church there? If so, I think you guys kind-of got started with some of the books that our book club here has read. Small world????