Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lies Satan Tells Women

Currently Bro Ronnie is leading us through a series "Satan: Father of Lies" and this really has me pouring over the many lies that Satan tells women. So I feel led to post about some of these lies.

Women today are bombarded with more and more lies from Satan. There is almost an epidemic of "soul-sickness" and it is not just among women in the world but also among those of us in church. Why? Because Satan wants us in bondage. He wants both you and me not to live freely but rather to live under a cloud of personal guilt and condemnation. He doesn't want us to enjoy the grace and love of God so he whispers lies to us. During our walk, we may stir up a lot of religious dust but we won't do Satan's kingdom any real damage when we listen and dwell on his lies.

So what are some lies Satan tells women? Please note this is just one or two and not an exhausted list. Maybe you would like to add more on in the comments.

One lie that Satan whispers to women is "If you take that mask off, people will not like you." He leads us to believe that if others see my uglies then they won't like us. I have noticed more and more that women want to see who other women really are. In other words, don't play like you have it all together when I am floundering around like a fish out of water. This is one that I am personally working on. I struggle and as I timidly slip the mask from my face, I sadly hear ladies say, "but I thought you had it all together." Wow what a lie I was telling! I have put on a mask of happiness, when really I struggle with depression at times. I have put on a mask of being outgoing when really I struggle with the fear of rejection and loneliness...even in a crowd. I am currently learning that these mask are doing nothing for me except keeping me in the crippling bondage that Satan desires for me.
Not only is the mask hindering me but it is very possibly hindering another lady from experience the grace and mercy of God.

Another lie Satan tells women is "you are not worth anything." Have you heard it? I sure have, especially when I am seeking to do that which God has called me.
Personally, Satan knows when to play "You are not worth anything" card on me. When I am trying to organize an event or study, he whispers it in my ear. When I am seeking God's direction for my self or ministry, he is there whispering it in my ear. Even when I sit down to write a blog post, he's whispering it in my ear. Whether through his own whispers or the use of others, Satan tries to make us feel less worthy. As we listen to Satan's lies we grant others the opportunity to determine our worth. He knows that many times our worth is in direct relation with what others have said about us. Instead of letting others define us we need to reflect on what is true. I am a child of God's and a treasured possession. I am currently doing a study on the Inheritance of God and if we were not worth anything then why would God send His only son to die for us? Why would he be preparing a place for us, a MANSION in heaven? Why would He call us co-heirs with Christ? It is all because we do have worth! We are worth some much more than this big revolving ball in the universe. Yes it is hard to fathom but it is true. The lie of no worth told by Satan is just that, a Big Fat Lie. I struggle with this lie sometimes but when it rears it's ugly head it helps me to dwell on the truth. Please take time to read Ephesians 1:3-12 and just listen to the Words of Worth spoken over you. Did you see you are chosen, adopted, purchased? What other truths did you find?

I know we could go on and on about the lies Satan tells women but it respect for your time we'll stop here. We may address a few more over the next few days but please leave a comment stating other lies Satan whispers in the ears of women.


Diana said...

I was surfing blogs on bible studies and womens ministry and read your devotional. I loved it and it was encouraging! I need to be reminded now and again not to listen to the lies of the enemy and focus on his promises. I have been a christian for 30 years and a pastors wife and know these things but thank you for reminding me. Great blog! ~Diana~ :D

Vikki P said...

WOW Cynthia! Thank you for sharing! God is really speaking to my heart about the lies Satan tells me lately. The sad thing is, I don't have the energy to deny him- so I just allow myself to believe what he is telling me is the truth.
I too suffer from depression, fear of rejection, abandonment, and all the above and satan knows just where to strike. He has robbed me of many frienships, ministry opportunities, and a million other things.
He has been on my doorstep ever since I returned from Nicaragua in April with a passion to move my family there and show the love of Jesus to those hurting people. He tells me I am too damaged to be a missionary, I am not qualified to be a missionary. Even through friends- he tells me I will ruin my childrens lives. But this is why we were made- to love others as Christ did and to bring others to know Him. Satan is real and he does seek to steal, kill and destroy. I have experienced it lately like never before.
We as women need to be real with each other, as Cynthia said. Why do we think we have to make others think we have it all together? None of us do and we won't until that GLORIOUS day when our Jesus takes us to our eternal home. The truth will set you free; and how will we ever be free if we are constantly hiding behind our masks?
Lets get real and watch our amazing God work. I am speaking to myself more than anyone. Thanks Cynthia for this wonderful blog!!

BrittanyPorter said...

Just came across your blog while i'm finding resources for my Bible study on lies from the devil... thanks!