Thursday, October 22, 2009

Satan's Tactics

Lies, Lies, and More Lies,

It amazes me how many women are hearing the lies of Satan, and yes I am one of them. He just would not stop with that first lie to the first women, he has to continue feeding more and more women with untruths.

Several have shared with me since the last post regarding the lies that they feel women are hearing. Lies about ourselves, our families, our church and many more. Although we know he is the Father of Lies, we still listen. Why? Because he is sneaky...making the lies seem so real and true. He is saying them over and over causing us to begin to believe them even if we know better. We begin picking ourselves and others apart and not focusing on God's things.

I am reading a new book by Lysa TerKeurst, "Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl". (This is a great book that if you are interested in walking through it with a small group please let me know) Anyway, in the book Lysa makes a great point.

"Satan would love for us to pick ourselves apart, to obsess on the negative. When we do, we become hyper self-focused and take our eyes off Jesus and the mission set before us. Many of us spend years trying to hide or fix what we perceive as personal flaws.
Jesus would love for us to see ourselves as a package deal of unique qualities that He -- the author and perfecter of our faith -- saw a necessary for the life He's calling us to live."

That spoke so much to me! I get so hung up on the lies Satan tells me but to hear that Jesus saw each and every quality that I was given...the good, the bad and the ugly (The last two most likely just in my opinion) was necessary for the life He called me to live. Those qualities are usable by Him and for His glory. If that ain't freedom from the lies of Satan I don't know what is!!!

His chosen daughter!


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BeckyAnnAmes said...

This is great stuff! Thank you so much!!!