Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NOGS Week 6

Summers getting close to the end and so are we to the end of this study. I want to encourage you to keep pressing onward, you will be rewarded with you diligent work.

Here's our discussion for this week. Please feel free to include any other thoughts from the week.

Turn to p.125 and reread the excerpt Kelly included by Charles Spurgeon. What are a few things we often try to do rather than refer our doubts straight to God?

Then, read John 2:1-5 and note how Mary approached the pressing problem.

Take time right now to pray out loud simply stating your need or problem to God in one statement, something like this: “Lord, there is no more _____________________.” Or, “Lord, I am ____________________________.” Then simply tell Him that you’re trusting Him to do something about it. Try to resist fretting over it this week but keep watching for Him to turn some water into wine.




d said...

Some things that I often do rather than OR before refering doubts to God are: TRY to control the situation, TRY to solve the situation, TRY to deny it, I might even make a decision without God's council. I want to be able to seek God's advice regarding all matters. I know people that do that, I pray that I will mature in that way. I have had times in my life that when things were not going my way, I became so numb that I could not even pray to God. I knew that things would work out in His timing, I just could not pray.

I was enlightened in reading Isaiah 55 1-9. All of the words: come, hear, listen, call, turn, and seek. I want to be able to do that! I am like Lauri...I am very fidgety and think of things that need to be done instead of being still and listening to God.

I have read the passage about Abraham offering his son for sacrifice many times over the past few days. How I want faith like that!

I hope that all of you are still out there!!

brianne said...

I am still here - but haven't gotten through week 6 yet (okay I haven't even started it yet!). My car is in the shop and my bible is in the car - BUT I have my book and I have my computer with access to bible verses on the internet, so no excuses tonight :)

I was just talking to one of my sisters in Christ/best friends and she led me to an epiphany - I am so in awe that I just had to share! This is pretty much common sense - it just took me a while to get it into my thick head :)

So I struggle with my weight, I struggle with my temper, I struggle with my finances, and I struggle to make time for God and let him be the boss of my life. It seems like when I lose control in one of those areas, the whole house of cards falls. And then I realized - HELLO! - which one of those areas is the most important? Which one of those areas ties the rest of them together? If I just focused on God and make time for Him and work on my relationship with Him - everything else will fall into line. If he's my foundation - my house of cards will not go tumbling down. I know I've heard all this before, and it made sense to me then. But I guess it just made sense to me (thick skull and all). So thank you for letting me share :)

Cynthia said...

I so agree with what you've shared.
Sometimes my house of cards fall and I too can see that I haven't been staying in close contact with my "glue". It amazes me when I am walking with God daily and the winds strongly blow around me that even if a wall from my house of cards blows down, I am at so much more peace. Just resting in Him and letting Him take control.
He is amazing! That is my be consistant in my walk with God. I don't acheive that every day but with each day I do I am one step closer.

brianne said...

I guess I have never considered referring my doubts to God. I've always considered even having doubts as a failure on my part. So instead of referring them to God I try to overcome them myself, or just cover them up. As a result - there have been times in my life where my doubts have been in the way of my relationship with Jesus. I've learned that it is better to acknowledge the doubts and hand them over to God, I can't overcome them on my own.