Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Final NOGS week

Here we are at the end of our study, can you believe that we have come to the end? To tell you the true I am a little sad. This has been a unique way to get with ladies and study God's Word together. Believe me we will have another study through this format again in the near future.

I have learned and been encouraged by each and every post. I loved the realness that was shared. We all(especially me)have those areas where we have to let go of those false idols and make room for God. Thank you for traveling this road along side of me!!!

This last week was great! The intro to Session Eight was so powerful and dead on. Revisit the testimony about the married friend realizing she needed to get rid of the cards, letters and emails from the first guy she ever loved. Another friend shared a similar story with Kelly that she references on p.178. We can hang on to all sorts of things from the past besides old boyfriends and, often, until we really say goodbye, we can’t say hello to something wonderful God has for us. As Kelly’s been telling us for weeks, we’ve got to make ROOM. Discuss a time you came to a similar conclusion and acted on it. OR, if you haven’t let go of something but you know you need to, feel free to share with us to hold you accountable and pray for you to have courage to follow through.

I loved Day Three! Revisit Kelly’s first paragraph on p.173. What is the “bridge between the old and the new”? THEN, take a good look at Deuteronomy 6:23 in the margin of that same page and note Kelly’s abbreviation of it in the second paragraph: “He brought us out…to bring us in.” Girlfriend, I need that written GREAT BIG on a card to keep in front of me at all times! Why is it so critical to keep that concept in mind?

The last two days of study out of the Book of Ruth were so good. Didn’t you love the last line of Ruth 1 (V.22) where we learn that Ruth and Naomi, devastated and grieved, entered Jerusalem, just “as the barley harvest was beginning”? Read John 15:8. As we draw our journey to a close, having moved out some idols to make room for Christ, I want to encourage you to believe God to move in powerfully and purposefully.

Ladies please remember “Your harvest is just beginning!”

This has been a great study. I am so glad that God used Kelly in a mighty way!
It has been a pleasure digging into God's Word with you!

Love you all!

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Brianne said...

This last week took me a while to complete (maybe I didn't want it to end?). But each day of the lesson was so good. I loved reading Hebrews 11, there are so many example of people leaning on faith in a few short verses. I had a great time with the study - thank you so much Cynthia!