Monday, August 18, 2008

We interupt this program...

I just had to share something other than the Bible study right now.
Last night we dedicated the new Edge building to God for our youth.
I was challenged personally and for the women's ministry as I listened to Lee and some of the youth share what God has taught them over the summer and how to pray
for them this school year. Some shared about unity, reaching others and how it is their desire that the film of their lives doesn't end up in the deleted scene sections of the Kingdom's movie.

One of the most powerful challenge was through a song. I want to share this with you and
pray that you will also be challenged that great things are yet to come for the women in this city.

Greater things are yet to come in this city!




Lisa said...

Hi Cynthia!

I was so thrilled to read your comment on my blog today and know that the book is touching your heart in some way. Girl, I promise I didn't follow you around when writing it. Believe me, I have plenty of resources right here within me to write that book and then some. Oh, I have a long way to go! :) We'll wade through this authenticity thing together, ok?

I shared your story in my message last week, and the women loved it! When I get the new DVD, I'll send it your way so you can hear it for yourself. Thanks, again, for letting me use the story. It was a perfect illustration for my point!

Love your heart!
Lisa :)

brianne said...

That is awesome. I know that God has great things planned, and though it's a little scary for me - I pray that I will allow Him to use me however He needs to.

stephanie said...

I like!!!!

d said...

Thanks for sharing that message and song here. I love that song! What a message! I thank God for leaders at our church that want to make a difference with our kids for God and his kingdom.