Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NOGS Week 7

Can you believe it? Here we are completing week 7 of this study. Summer can sometimes be hard to dig into the Word but that is why we are doing this in the first place. We sure didn't want to take a break and slide into a pit because we vacationed from His Word. Psalm 119:162 says, "I rejoice in your word like one who discovers a great treasure." For those of you that were at the simulcast remember...treasure the wonder. Let's stay the course together as we travel the road ahead.

Here's our discussion for the week.

On the bottom of p.148 and in the context of promised blessing, Kelly writes, “Sometimes the Lord immediately replaces what we have left [as in, said good-bye to], and other times we are left feeling empty for a time.” At several very important seasons of my own life I believe God deliberately let me feel that empty space for a while before He filled it…even with Himself. If you’ve had a similar experience, share it and discuss what purpose God might have had in it.

Friends this has been so much fun! One week left so stay strong and stick with it to the end.



Anonymous said...

okay sooooooooooo I clicked on your name and thought your e-mail would come up-- I had no idea you had started blogging!!! why did you keep it secret??

you'll have to try the video again- I think I fixed the problem. =)

brianne said...

When I was in my late teens - early 20's, I was living as far away from a Godly life as I could. I was filling that God shaped hole with relationships that were not healthy (among other things). When I finally allowed God to pull me back to Him, I gave up those relationships. He has filled that empty space in some ways - but I still feel it sometimes (like something is missing). When those times come - I just remember that God has something planned for my future that is better than I could ever imagine. I just have to trust that the empty space will be filled when it is the right time! In the meantime - I need to remember that God is enough. The empty space may still be there - but God is bigger than it is!

d said...

I can think of several times that I have said "goodbye" and had an empty feeling. One of the most memorable was when I moved here. I left family and friends(Actually, I have done this twice). Talk about lonliness! God has taken some time to slowly fill that space with himself. It has been in His timing. And, He is still working on that space. I have had some painful times along the way. I am reminded of 2 Corinthians 1:9 from early in the study. I have learned lots of patience! God has been working in my life through this entire time.

God spoke to me loudly on Day 3 from week 7. I am such a control freak that I do not cherish those 'moments' like I should, with God or family. After reading this day, I would consider myself selfish. That is hard to say! I need to put that 'woman in the romantic movie set of perfection' to the side and reveal my weaknesses! God will meet me there! Praise Him that He will!