Friday, April 1, 2011

Desiring the Rain….yes that was exactly what I wanted but I felt more that I got a drought. As though I have been buried in the sand but I think I have resurfaced. Incase you didn’t notice but from my post before last it had been 6 months since I wrote something on the blog. It is not that I didn’t log on and try. It was more like I was lost.

I didn’t know how to communicate the journey I was on.

It was such an up and down thing, more downs than ups I think. The blog started out primarily for women’s ministry but since stepping down I wanted to refocus it to what I was going through. Little did I know what that would entail.

I found myself confused and seemingly wondering. I knew without a shadow of a doubt at the time God led me to make that decision but now I was second-guessing myself.

I asked God repeatedly:

If I had made a mistake stepping down from leadership?

If He was finished with me, did I no longer have a ministry?

At first, I dug into His Word but I am sad to say that several times I set it aside for a long periods. Oh how thankful that I serve a God that won’t let me stay away from Him for very long. He at first whispered my name and then at times I know He was in a full out loud voice He was shouting it. Thankfully He got my attention.

So now I just think I am ready to share the journey. To put my toes back in and stir the water to share how God has never left me no forsaken me.

I invite you to join me and I will be as open as I can be.

To end this post I will give you the first verse God gave me to memorize this year. It really set my thoughts on the journey ahead and was an encouragement for me to continue.

“You crown the year with a bountiful harvest. Even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.”
Psalms 65.11

Walking in the Rain again!


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