Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bold and Stouthearted

Isn’t it interesting that when God wants to tell you something He will keep repeating it until you hear it?

He can be specific to you even if it is in an arena with 8500 other women. That is exactly what happened a few weekends ago at the Beth Moore conference. Imagine if you will how my jaw hit the floor when she stated the topic for the weekend...Fulfilling Your Ministry. I know those sitting around me had to have heard the loud THUD!

Travis began by reading Psalm 138:1-3. Verse three says,

“When I called, you answered me. You made me bold and stouthearted.”

Stouthearted means brave, resolute, dauntless. What a way to call me to worship and seek what God had for me that weekend. I want to be bold and stouthearted. I want to be brave in what He calls me to do. I want to resolve to give it all to Him. I DO NOT want to be intimidated by what lies ahead.

Over the course of the weekend, Beth’s message was on 2 Timothy 4:1-8 and she gave the following 7 points.

1. Adopt a succinct life goal. God had already been working on this with me. I was challenged by a friend to ask others what they saw as my passion and then to create a short phrase capturing what I felt described my ministry. I came up with the tagline…”Stepping out of the Shadows, Into the Word”. That has now become my life goal, to help others step out of the shadows and fall in love with His Word.

2. Acquire the appropriate tools. Her questions that hit home were, “What would it take to do what God has called you to do? What self-discipline would it take?” I have to make up my mind that I will do whatever it takes!

3. Endure the hard for the sake of the good. Learn the art of pure perseverance.

4. Embrace the necessity and complexity of community. We can’t do ministry without people.

5. Accept God’s willing and healing. This was crucial to me. I had to be open to God’s will but not only that I had to let God fully heal the past hurts that I keep getting hung up on.

6. Entrust yourself to a divine “so that”. I have to accept that I went through things “so that” I can minister to others and glorify God.

7. Always and forever, come what may…Keep the Faith.

God is speaking to me ladies. How is He speaking to you? I would love to know what He is saying to you over and over.

Seeking to be stouthearted!


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